The research group on Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress has a work career in common from more than ten years. Initially, it set up by two tenured professors: Dr. Delio Rubén Tolivia Fernández y Dr. María Josefa Rodríguez Colunga, and an employed "Ramón y Cajal": Dr. Ana María Coto Montes, who is the principal investigator of group since its formation. Between them, taking the oxidative stress study as the general base of research, they focus it on three essentials lines, two of them are applied researches and one is a basic research.

Currently, our research group is multidisciplinary, consists of clinical and basic researchers, University teachers and pre- and postdoctoral fellowship. They are investigating biological processes on which the oxidative stress can be alterated, both in physiological and pathological situations. Furthermore, the characterization of autophagic processes in different animal models is another main item of our investigation.

Our basic investigation line is the autophagy and general proteolysis processes study. The two lines of applied research are focused on the study of ageing and diseases related to it, as well as on the search of meat quality and tenderization markers. To be able to carry out an applied investigation of quality, these studies are realized in collaboration with two cutting-edge groups in epidemiological research and animal production, located in the Principado de Asturias: the epidemiological research group in ageing led by Mr. Juan José Solano Jaurrieta in the Monte Naranco Hospital, and the research group on meat quality and animal production led by Dr. Mamen Oliván García from Regional Service for Agrifood Research and Development (SERIDA). So, we have created an interdisciplinary group for the development of a strong knowledge in each one of this lines.

The group has been evaluated in 2011 by ANEP (The National Agency for Assessment and Forecast) to be part of the Campus of International Excellence on Biomedicine of the University of Oviedo.

At present, the Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress cROS Research Group, led by Dr. Ana Coto Montes, cooperate with other three investigation groups:

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